Friday, July 13, 2018

TS4 Lot: Monticiano House


Below information about the CC's and links. 

Modern house with glass roofs, 3 floors. Size 30 x 20. 

Furnished: 111'684 - Unfurnished: 44'544

First floor: Pool. Fitness room and a shower room.

Second floor: Hallway. Living room with a fire place and a plasma TV. Kitchen. Between the kitchen and the living room, there is an outdoor room with BBQ and table.

Third floor: Master bedroom. Family bathroom and a toddler bedroom. 

Outdoor: Garden. Fountain. Sitting area with a bar. 

The house has CC's, some are included in the mods file: included cc's are my 3 paintings ( in the living room, in the family bathroom and in the toddler bedroom). Then cc's created by Tatschu: walls, floors, rugs. And 2 paintings created by Rosanne ( in the kitchen and in the fitness room). 

CC's not included in the mods file are those for the " Master bedroom ", for the " Toddler bedroom " and for the " Sitting area in the garden "

Links below for downloading.

Bedroom Loft created by ShinoKCR: CLICK

Sweet Toddler created by Lulu265: CLICK

Summer Garden created by Kardofe: CLICK

More screenshots, interior and exterior. 

Monticiano House 

Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Lulu265: CLICK

TaTschu: CLICK

Rosanne: CLICK

Kardofe: CLICK


Thank you to the photographers for allowing me to use their pictures, more paintings created with their pictures can be found in my blog under: paintings and wallpapers.

©Pete (Tvoom): CLICK

©Susi Hokenek: CLICK

©Wayland William Whitney: CLICK

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