Thursday, October 11, 2018

TS4 Paintings: ©A.R.Reed

Clickable pictures

The pictures belongs to ©A.R. Reed

Thank you to Mrs. A.R. Reed for having allowed me to use her pictures.

Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area).

15 paintings with 5 different sizes, my own meshing. 

The large paintings are like wallpapers, they are flat but you can start to place them everywhere, it's one tile.

The pond paintings are both large, one painting is like the original picture and the other one I made it double (reversed). The double pond picture size, is like a wallpaper size. The other 3, also very large whom are like wallpaper style are slightly larger. 

The normal size looks like the Autumn painting below, picture with the fireplace.

Below you can see some paintings to give you an idea how they look in the game.

The last 3 pictures above (River/Waterfall/Trees, 2 sizes, large paintings and smaller like canva, you can see below the river picture in the living room and you can have it also in a large size, like the yellow flower below in the bedroom.


4 paintings from Autumn to Pond

5 paintings from Flower to River 

3 paintings from Forest to Oregon

3 paintings from River to Trees

The beige-yellow  mural wallpaper in the bedroom is made by Tatschu: CLICK HERE


  1. Love them! they are perfect for the house I'm making.

  2. These are divine! Definitely feeling Autumn :D

  3. Bonsoir Trisha, je vais mieux, je refais surface et toi comment vas-tu? Merci pour ta visite même si j'ai mis un peu de temps à voir ton message. Tes tableau sont toujours aussi fabuleux ♥♥♥