Monday, August 22, 2016

TS4 Custom Content: Paintings_©Jasmine7031

Pictures clickable.

The pictures belongs to ©Jasmine 7031  

Thank you to Mrs. Jasmine7031 for having allowed me to use her pictures.

Copyright-Names/Links visible with the pictures in the paintings section.

(For 8 pictures, I didn't change the size and those are: flowers, byodoin1, sushi, sweet, bf3, sashimi, matcha and oyakodon).

And for the other 6 pictures I changed the size, some have a big size, some have a square size or a long size. I made with the 3D Blender Software.

(Byodoin2, bridge, vegetables, nigiri-zushi, fish and bf4.

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2 screenshots with 5 paintings.

Original size (8 paintings)

Size changed (6 paintings)

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  1. Coucou
    Tes images me donnent faim hihihi
    Jolies peintures pour décorer nos maisons sims
    Tu as le nouvel addon ? c'est amusant
    Bon week end et merci pour ton passage sur mon blog