Terms of use

Update October 2019


Regarding my CC's, I prefer when the links are added directly so that the players can come in my blog to download the cc's, they can see my other creations or the new ones I made, also through my statistics and (Sim file share) I can see how many downloads I got and also which cc's are better downloaded, to give me an idea regarding the paintings/wallpapers I created, a good help for me,  thank you very much for downloading. 

If you add in a modsfile, please add my name: Keyla Sims and my homepage link, otherwise you can send me an e-mail with your blog/forum or website link so that I can go look, thanks. 

For those who build houses that are added in Patreon, please do not add my paintings/wallpapers in your upload houses, my cc's are free and I got the authorizations from the photographers so please add my Cc's link(s) for the players to download my cc's in my blog. Thanks.

For the creators who allowed me to use their cc's in the modsfile, you can of course add my cc's (paintings/wallpapers) in your modsfile if you build houses, except in Patreon/Ad.Fly, thanks.

Regarding my meshes (paintings). I have seen sometimes creators using my meshes, I didn't expect it, always nice to see that they are liked, if you use my meshes for your paintings:

When you use my meshes for your paintings, please don't claim my meshes as your own, I just ask to add my name as a mesher: Keyla Sims and my homepage link (keylasims3.blogspot.com) and please don't upload my meshes to pay sites, ad.fly, patreon or any other way to collect money for meshes that I make for free, thank you. 

E-mail address: keylasimscreations@gmail.com

I speak and write in French, Italian, German, English and I understand Spanish/Dutch if you have any questions. On the right side you will find the google translator.
My creations are sims3pack and package (sims4), and also in RAR/ZIP. No Adfly in my blog, all creations under Mediafire and SimFileShare for downloading.
All my creations are free, you will find my houses,  my sims and my paintings/wallpapers for downloading.

My blog is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts or its licensors.

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights reserved.

If you would like to make an exchange banner, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment below and I will check your blog/website before I add the banner, thank you.

If you have a blog/website/forum where you show/update/reblogg sims creations, I am very pleased if you show my creations, but do NOT add your own link for downloading, please add the creation's link to my blog, thank you.
You may NOT modify/alter/change my creations then claim as your own.

You can use my creations for stories/videos, credit/link is appreciated but not necessary, thanks.

Please NO hotlinking.
Hotlinking is a direct link to a file on an other ones web/blog space and causes costs because of traffic.

Any further questions if you aren't sure, or there is a broken link, please send me an e-mail.

Thank you for downloading my creations, happy simming.



  1. Okay, tried to reply via Tumblr and just couldn't! Anyway, I've followed you, and signed up for eMAIL updates. Hopefully I'll get notifications about your creations. Ginnie