Saturday, September 22, 2018

TS4 Paintings: ©K.S. Janes


The pictures belongs to ©K.S. Janes 


Thank you to Mrs Janes for having allowed me to use her pictures.
Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area).

I made 6 different sizes, my own meshing.

The first 8 pictures from the House to the Gazebo are very large pictures, like the wallpapers but it has only 1 tile not 4 like the wallpapers, so you can start to place them in the room where you want and the painting is flat, like a wallpaper. 

Then the very large stairs painting is also like a wallpaper style and flat and one tile (the one on the left side, 4th picture above). 

If you would like to place the very large paintings at the corner of a wall, simply use the cheating code: testingcheats true and bb.moveobjects on.

To give you an idea how they look in the game, I made some screenshots below. 3 pictures with the stairs paintings, the canva style and the very large one.
The gnomes picture is a little bit higher than the flowers picture, see above.

Very large paintings - House to Gazebo

4 different sizes - Flowers to stairs

Large painting, canva style: Cabin to Outdoor
Walls (interior/exterior) and the carpet (4th picture above), created by Tatschu. CLICK HERE

In the kitchen I used stainless appliances (fridge, dishwasher, oven) created by DaerOn. CLICK HERE

Plate with cookies and cacao (bar table), created by Anidup: CLICK HERE and HERE

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