Sunday, July 22, 2018

TS4 Lot: Bergamo House


Below information about the CC's and links. 

Modern house with glass roofs, 3 floors. Size: 20 x 15

Furnished: 81'053 - Unfurnished: 33'412

First floor: Small hallway. Living room. Toilet. Large kitchen with a dining table  for 6 and a dining counter for 3.

Second floor: Terrasse. Single bedroom. Family bathroom. Nusery.

Third floor: Terrasse and a pool. Master bedroom with an ensuite.

The house has CC's, some are included in the mods file: The cc's created by Tatschu: walls, floors, rugs. And 2 paintings created by Rosanne (in the nursery) are in the modsfile.

INFO: for the single and master bedroom, I used the rugs created by Kardofe from the set called Retro Living, link below.

For the family bathroom and ensuite: I used the sink created by Buffsumm from the Industry Kitchen set, link below. 

CC's not included in the mods file are those for: The living room. The single bedroom and for the large kitchen.

Living room / Retro Living created by Kardofe: CLICK

Kitchen / Industry created by Buffsumm: CLICK 

Single Bedroom / Irony Young created by Art Vitalex: CLICK

For the kitchen and also the single bedroom, there are empty shelves where you can put decorations/clutters inside.

Screenshots exterior and interior

Bergamo House

Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

TaTschu: CLICK

Rosanne: CLICK

Kardofe: CLICK

Art Vitalex: CLICK

BuffSumm: CLICK


  1. Such an awesome house! Thanks for sharing and using my artwork :)

  2. I really like how the glass roofs in conjunction with your roofing style adds so much interior light! Wonderful build <3