Sunday, September 9, 2018

Merano House - Sims 4


Below information about the CC's and links. 

Modern house.  2 floors. Size: 30 x 20

Furnished: 83'666 - Unfurnished: 30'701

First floor: Kitchen with dining table. Shower room. Family bathroom with shower and bathtub.

Study. Double bedroom and a single bedroom.

Second floor: Living room. Pool.

Outdoor: Garden. BBQ with a dining table. 

The house has 3 glass roofs, the entrance (left and right side) and where the kitchen is. (see screenshots below). 

The shelf in the study is empty, so you can add what you like. :-)

The house has CC's, some are included in the mods file: The cc's included in the modsfile are from Tatschu (wall/floor and large paintings whom are in the single bedroom, hallway and outside).
Also cc's included created by DaerOn: Rug. Bibliotheque/Shelf in the study and the stainless appliances in the kitchen and the stainless wall in the family bathroom).

CC's not included, created by: Artvitalex and Wondymoon. Links below to download them.

Iridium single bedroom created by Wondymoon: CLICK HERE

Double bedroom. Living room and the outdoor created by Artvitalex.

Brooklyn double bedroom: CLICK HERE

Hamptons Outdoor Dining: CLICK HERE

Neptun Living room: CLICK HERE

INFO about the ceiling lamp in the double bedroom and the room dividers in the kitchen, belongs to the set called Neptun, link above.


Merano House

Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

TaTschu: CLICK

DaerOn: CLICK and CLICK 

Artvitalex: CLICK

Wondymoon: CLICK

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