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Vallauris House - Sims 4


Below information about the CC's and links. 
See 2 pictures below with the black arrows (garden)

Modern house.  2 floors. Size: 30 x 20

Furnished: 97'577  - Unfurnished: 33'285

First floor: Small hallway. A study. Indoor pool. Kitchen. Living room with a chimney and a WC.

Second floor: 2 double bedrooms and one single bedroom. 1 shower room and one bathroom (ensuite). 1 balcony.

Outdoor: BBQ. A small pond. 
And a vegetable patch, there are herbs planted: basil, parsley, sage and also carrots, mushrooms and grape vine.
I planted an apple tree and plantain, you can see the pictures below with the arrows.

There are CC's whom are added in the mods file and then there are CC's to download (for 3 rooms): the single bedroom Gail, one double bedroom Thalmia and the living room Flez created by Jomsims. 

CC's that are are in the mods file are made by Tatschu, DaerOn, DrGreenie100, Mango Sims and my painting in the kitchen (pumpkins). 
CC's in the Mods file (You will find them all together on the same page)

DaerOn:  Pumpkins decoration (they are outside (porch) and upstairs (hallway). Kitchen lamp. Table/stools in the kitchen. Hallway set. Heart plant stand in the hallway. Hide fake glass in the bathroom.

TaTschu: Walls exterior and interior. Floors and wall decals vintage (the clock sticker in the study).

DrGreenie100 /GG100: Curtains with the laces/brackets. Books (magazines).

Mango Sims: Double bedroom Courcelles (the one in black/red with the balcony). The mug ( in the single bedroom ). Bathroom set (the bathroom ensuite).

Keyla Sims: Pumpkins painting in the kitchen.

In the double bedroom (Courcelles), I added the Thalmia miror (by Jomsims), link below for the Thalmia bedroom. 

CC's to download created by Jomsims

Double bedroom in pink called Thalmia. Single bedroom called Gail and the living room called FLEZ.

Thalmia bedroom: CLICK HERE

Gail kids single bedroom: CLICK HERE

Flez living room: CLICK HERE

UPDATE NOVEMBER 26th, for those who play Sims 3, I posted a new house, see the picture below and CLICK HERE

Vallauris House

Credits and thank you very much to the creators for their objects, main links below.

TaTschu: CLICK

DaerOn:  CLICK 

DrGreenie100: CLICK

Mango Sims: CLICK

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK  and his website: CLICK

Thank you to the artist @L. Payne for allowing me to use her drawings, more paintings created with her drawings can be found in my blog under: paintings.

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