Sunday, November 24, 2019

Serena House

Sims 3 

The house is build with EP's: Late Night, Generations, Ambitions and the Seasons. 

The house has 2 floors. 

Size: 25 x 30

Furnished: 84'242 - Unfurnished: 51'456

First floor: Large living room with a dining table. Fireplace and a dance floor in the middle of the room (mirror). Kitchen. A laptop on the kitchen counter. WC.

Second floor: Master bedroom with an ensuite. Double bedroom. Shower room. Laundry.

Outdoor: Pool. Apple tree and a lime tree. For the vegetable patch: onion, garlic, potato, tomato, watermelon, lettuce, pumpkin, bell pepper, grapes, flame fruit and a life fruit plant. Parking space for one car and 1 bicycle.

Thank you to the artists for their cc's. 

Credits to:

Around the Sims3: CLICK (Handbag)

ArtVitalex: CLICK (Bathroom)

BillyJean: CLICK  (Kitchen decorations)

DaraSims: CLICK  (Decorations)

Devirose: CLICK (walls/floors and doors)

Dot: CLICK (Lamp)

Gosik: CLICK (Lamp)

Everlasting Garden: CLICK (Sunflowers)

Flovv: CLICK (Decorations)

Khany Sims: CLICK (Flowers)

Kriss: CLICK  (Windows)

Lilly of the Valley: CLICK (Sticker on the wall - kitchen)

Lulu265: CLICK (Decorations)

Macarossi: CLICK (flowers)

MangoSims: CLICK (Decorations)

Matomibotaki: CLICK (Glass door, windows)

Metens: CLICK (Painting - London)

Mireluk: CLICK (Flowers)

NewOne - One Billion Pixels: CLICK (Decorations)

Prickly Hedgehog: CLICK  (Stone wall)

Samusa06: CLICK (Stone wall)

Sasillia: CLICK (laundry shelf)

ShinoKCR: CLICK (Master bedroom)

TheNumbersWoman: CLICK (Bedroom)

Ung999: CLICK (Living room and Kitchen)

Vitasims: CLICK (pansy flower)

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