Thursday, October 24, 2019

TS4 Paintings: ©Wayland William Whitney


The pictures belongs to ©Wayland William Whitney.

Thank you to Mr. W.W.Whitney for having allowed me to use his pictures. 

Names/Links visible in the game (paintings section)

10 paintings with 5 different sizes. My own meshing with 3D Blender.

The sheep painting is a little bit larger/higher than the butterfly picture.
I made 2 different sizes for the lighthouse painting. One painting is large, like a wallpaper but flat and one tile and the other one is like the paintings (abstract/flowers/castle).


UPDATE - November 25th, 2019: For those who also play Sims 3, I built a new house, you can see a picture of it. To see more of the house: CLICK HERE

5 paintings 
Abstract to Pentre Ifan

5 paintings
Butterfly to Stones

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