Monday, March 26, 2018

TS4 Lot: Daisy House


This house has 4 floors 

Cost:  Furnished  82'081  - Unfurnished  32'888

Size: 20 x 15

The house has cc's created by TaTschu, Jomsims and by me. All included in the ZIP file except Jomsims cc's, link below. 

The cc's created by TaTschu and by me (my 3 paintings in the kitchen and in the bathroom, 3rd floor) are included in the ZIP file (Modsfile). 
TaTschu's cc's: living room, paintings, rugs, floors and walls. 

The cc's created by Jomsims - Master bedroom: CLICK HERE

Scroll down Jomsims page to find the bedroom, it's called: Modern Basish Bedroom, click on the picture for downloading.

First floor
Small entrance. Kitchen with a dining table. Single bedroom with an en suite.

Second floor
Living room. Toilet. Balcony with the pool. To use the pool, you have to go on the second floor and there is a door to go out, see the 3rd picture above (the door is on the right side).

Third floor
Master bedroom with fireplace. Bathroom.

Forth floor
Study. Balcony.


Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK  and his website: CLICK

TaTschu: CLICK

Thank you to the photographers for allowing me to use their pictures, more paintings created with their pictures can be found in my blog under: paintings and wallpapers.

Rob Miller: CLICK

Novaexpress93  : CLICK

Jasmine7031: CLICK

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