Wednesday, March 28, 2018

TS4 Paintings: ©Petra Brown

INFO: new houses for Sims4, posted lately and also a Sims3 house, see my categories. Thanks for downloading my creations, if you use the paintings for uploading houses, I would be pleased to see them if you post them in a blog/website.

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Clickable pictures

The pictures belongs to ©Petra Brown

Illustrations work from Mrs. Petra Brown


Thank you to Mrs. Petra Brown for having allowed me
to use her pictures.
Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area)

12 paintings with 5 different sizes, my own meshing. 

And of course all my creations (paintings) can be moved up and down with the cheat code (testingcheats true/bb.moveobjects on and the Alt key) if a painting is placed/hanged to near a table or else. 

The preview below for the pictures, I used 2 rugs, stone wall, floors and the sofa, created by TaTschu, her blog: CLICK HERE  , her whole living room can also be seen in my new house called: Daisy.

A preview below to show you how they look in the game.

6 paintings
From River to Cottage

The first 3 paintings are slightly larger and higher then the other 3 (second picture on top)

6 paintings
From Tree to Leaves

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