Thursday, March 22, 2018

TS4 Lot: Coffee house

Update: 22th March, 2018. A message for those who play Sims3, 2 days ago I posted a new Sims 3 house called Blossom.


A new house, 1 floor and it's a small house for a couple or 1 person.

Size: 30 x 20

Cost: Furnished 49'978  -  Unfurnished 19'947 

1 bedroom. 1 bathroom. An open plan kitchen with living room, fireplace and a little area with a desk.

Outdoor: Pool. Terrace. 

This house has CC's. 

For the paintings: Wildflower (on top of the fireplace), the autumn painting also in the livinroom, the woodland in the bathroom and the forest painting in the hallway, are my paintings.

All 4 CC's you can find them in the ZIP file, under Modsfile.


The other CC's, 10 links. 

For the outdoor

The exterior walls (wood): CLICK HERE  created by Emerald.

Exterior lamps: CLICK HERE created by Dot. 

Birds houses, ladder and the little birds: CLICK HERE created by Severinka.

On the terrace and front of the house, a swing/table/chairs/decoration flowers: CLICK HERE created by Jomsims called Egby.

Bedroom: CLICK HERE created by BuffSumm called Mila.

The wallpaper (stone) in the bathroom: CLICK HERE created by Pralinesims.

Different decorations in the open plan kitchen, desk, bedroom and on the coffee table outside.

Kitchen decorations and paintings: 

Coffee / Paintings created by Severinka: CLICK HERE

Decorations/clutters in the kitchen and on the coffee table, see the last picture below: CLICK HERE created by Kardofe

Clutters in the bedroom and on top of the desk (open plan kitchen). For the books: CLICK HERE and Parfums/Ipod/Phone/Handbag and so on: CLICK HERE created by Mio Sims.

The small tree, in front of the house, it's a cherry tree. 


Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK  and his website: CLICK


Kardofe: CLICK

BuffSumm: CLICK

Severinka: CLICK

Pralinesims: CLICK

Mio-Sims: CLICK

Emerald: CLICK

Thank you to the photographers for allowing me to use their pictures, more paintings created with their pictures can be found in my blog under: paintings and wallpapers.

©Pete (Tvoom): CLICK
©Amy Montico: CLICK
©Angie Reed: CLICK 

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