Monday, March 19, 2018

Blossom house by Keyla Sims


Hello, my new Sims3 house.

Below the screenshots for the interior and the outdoor. 

The house is build with EP's: Late Night, The Seasons and Ambitions. 

Cost: Furnished 117'542 - Unfurnished 78'963

The house has 3 floors and 3 entrances ( 2 on the first floor and 1 on the second floor).

On the first floor: Kitchen with a counter dining. Master bedroom. Nursery. Family bathroom. Hallway. Garage and a laundry room. 

Second floor: Living room with a terrace. Single bedroom.

Third floor: Bathroom on one side of the house and a small study on the other side with a balcony.

Outdoor: A pool. Vegetable/fruit garden. 

Information about the CC's:

Kitchen, Nursery and the master bedroom created by ShinoKCR.
Hallway by Wondymoon.
Living room by NynaeveDesign.
Single bedroom by Artvitalex.
Family bathroom by Lulu265
Bathroom on the 3rd floor and the divider by Gosik.

Decorations by AroundtheSims3 (garden stuff). Dot (garden stuff and outdoor lamps). Stickers by Lili of the Valley. Garage door by Matomibotaki. Doors by Kriss. Wallpapers/Floors by Devirose and Pralinesims.
Owl sticker in the nursery by Ukai.
Flowers by Souris/Loryah and Mireluk. 
Magazine on the wall (study) by Flovv. Plant in the living room by Ung999. 
Painting (bathroom 3rd floor) by Shadow66. Painting London (living room) by Metens. Painting in the master bedroom by BlackBerryCake. Large painting "London" in the single bedroom, my own painting. 

The objects used are from EA and from: Aroundthesims 3. ArtVitalex. BlackBerryCake. Dot. Devirose. Flovv. Gosik. Kriss. Lili of the Valley. Lulu265. Matomibotaki. Metens. Mireluk. NynaeveDesign. Pralinesims. Shadow66. ShinoKCR. Ukai. Ung999. Wondymoon, Loryah/Souris from Khany Sims and my painting. 

Thank you to the artists. Below the creators links.

Credits to:

Around the Sims3: CLICK

ArtVitalex: CLICK

BlackBerryCake: CLICK


Devirose: CLICK

Flovv: CLICK

Gosik: CLICK

Kriss: CLICK

Lilly of the Valley: CLICK

Lulu265: CLICK

Matomibotaki: CLICK

Metens: CLICK

Mireluk: CLICK

NynaeveDesign: CLICK

Pralinesims: CLICK

Shadow66: CLICK



Ung999: CLICK

Wondymoon: CLICK

Souris/Loryah / Khany Sims: CLICK

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