Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TS4 Sim: Paola Bova (No CC's added)

Clickable pictures

This time I made a Sim without CC's.

Paola Bova is a young woman.

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Personality traits: Music lover. Self-assured and materialistic.

My previews below you can see the different clothes she wears.

The background for the face is created by Jennisims.
The backgrounds: daytime, evening, sportwear and the pyjama are created by Annett's Sims Welt
Party and Pool created by me.
The poses are from: MartyP called Just Stand.
Annett's Sims Welt: CLICK
MartyP: at TSR CLICK and her blog: CLICK
Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK

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