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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TS4 Lot: Kitsilano ( with cc's )

Read my info/message under the pictures,
my house has Custom Contents,
all links below to download, thanks.


Clickable pictures
House with CC's ( 9 links below )

Size 30 x 20
Cost: furnished and without the plot: 77,716.

2 floors
2 bedrooms ( double bedroom and a single child bedroom )
Family bathroom with tub and shower
WC on the first floor
Kitchen and table for eating.
Hallway - table with a laptop
Living room with a fireplace and a plasma TV

Garden. Pool. Balcony with a fountain and a patio with BBQ on the first floor.

Links below to download the CC's.

1). Exterior door (front) and interior doors

" Vivo Porte " created by Mulena
Link: http://sims3-by-mulena.ru/publ/stroitelnye_materialy/dveri/mezhkomnatnye_dveri_vivo_porte/21-1-0-104

2). Wallpaper and floor tile for the bathroom and WC

MB- Trendy Tile C created by Matomibotaki
Link: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1296035

3). Kitchen " Inixisium " created by Jomsims.
Link: http://www.jomsimscreations.fr/cuisine.html

4). Hallway " Moscou " created by Mango-Sims. On the main page, right side, you will see written: Buy Mode - Sets, click on the sets, then scroll down until you see the set Moscou.
Link: http://mangosims2.free.fr

5). Living room " Salon Blanes " created by PQSim4
Link: http://pqsim4.blogspot.ch/2015/10/sims-4-salon-blanes.html

6). Double bedroom " Leah " created by Lulu265
Link: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1320550

7) Child bedroom " Pure Kids " created by Ung999
Link: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1332520

8). Family bathroom " Amadios " created by Jomsims
Link: http://www.jomsimscreations.fr/bathroom.html

9). 3 paintings in the kitchen and 2 paintings in the hallway created by me/Keyla. The pictures belongs to ©Pete - Tvoom and to ©Jasmine7031.

5 paintings
Forest - Autumn River - Cake - Ladurée - Crudités

Thanks to the creators for their CC's




Photographers (my paintings).

©Pete - Tvoom



  1. Très jolie maison moderne avec beaucoup de charme :) ♥

  2. Superbe et originale ! On reconnait ta patte sur toutes tes architectures . :) ♥