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TS4 Sim: Aurora Heart

Clickable pictures
Aurora Heart is a young adult with CC's, links/Names below.
Her aspiration: Party Animal Aspiration
She is neat, she loves outdoors and she is cheerful.
I made her with 2 different hairstyles and colors. One for the daytime and one for the evening when she goes to party. Also the eyes are purple for the evening/party otherwise she has green eyes.
I also change the lipstick for different occasions.

20 cc's in total and 1 cc I used it twice ( the shoes for the evening and the shoes for the night lingerie).
For the face (7cc's)
Bella V1: CLICK
For the skin I downloaded the first one called V1
Brown hair (braids)
Sintiklia Kanoya : CLICK
I used the second one who has 17,0MB.
Purple hair
Sintiklia Scarlet Johansson: CLICK

Intrusion from Jomsims: CLICK

Both created by Sintiklia  (with the clothes Sport, Night and Swimsuit, I also used the lipstick Nr 44 (daytime), you will see that the color is different then the one she has for the daytime, I simply added a softer/heller color).
For the day: CLICK
For the evening: CLICK
Jomsims - Intrusion: CLICK
Clothes, shoes and the accessories.
DAYTIME (3cc's)
Sweater Pattern: CLICK

Velor Skirt: CLICK

Madlen (MJ95)

Paola: CLICK

EVENING (5 cc's)

Dress created by Paogae
Asymmetrical Dress: CLICK

Shoes created by MartyP
Rhinestone: CLICK

Necklace created by Natalis
Crystals and Beads: CLICK

Bracelet created by Natalis
Crystals and Beads: CLICK

Nails created by Altea127
Black and White Nail Art: CLICK

SPORT (2 cc's)

Sport and Sleep created by Paogae: CLICK

Shoes created by Madlen (MJ95)
Rensu Sneackers: CLICK

For the NIGHT  ( 1cc )
Lingerie created by Sims Dentelle
Lace et Délace: CLICK

The shoes are the same as for the evening (created by MartyP, called Rhinestone), link above, evening section.

SWIMSUIT (2cc's)

The swimsuit is created by MartyP
Midnight Swim: CLICK

Shoes created by Madlen (MJ95)
Mantova: CLICK

Below the previews, button to download and the creators main links.

The first 3 backgrounds are created by Jennisims.

The background pictures fare from the photographers, ©Pete (Tvoom), ©Denny Bitte and ©Sherry, thanks to them for having allowed me to use their pictures.

Poses created by MartyP, called Just Stand.

More pictures to download paintings/mural wallpapers for your houses in my categories under: Paintings and mural wallpapers,
Lingerie for the night
 Aurora Heart
Main Links
Sims Dentelle: CLICK
Paogae: CLICK
Sintiklia: CLICK
Bukovka:  CLICK and CLICK
Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK 
MartyP: at TSR CLICK and her blog: CLICK
Natalis: CLICK
Madlen (MJ95): CLICK
Altea127: CLICK
Background: Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK
Pictures background from: ©Pete, ©Denny Bitte and ©SherrylePhotography
©Pete (Tvoom): CLICK
©Denny Bitte: CLICK
©SherryLePhotography: CLICK

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  1. Elle est magnifique, et elle pose devant de superbes paysages ♥♥♥