Monday, March 9, 2015

Takapuna by keyla

This house is build on a platform, so if you suddendly remove a door on the first floor or want to add a door... then you have to use the cheat code:
moveobjects on...

The house has 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One bathroom with a bathtub and one bathroom with a tub and a shower. Also a washmachine and a tumbler (but those machines are from The Sims 3 Store) and each cost 200 points and they are called: Ultra Wishy Washer / Ultra Dryer The link to the store: CLICK   Or the direct link to the laundry set, you will find both machines: CLICK
There are also other machines in the store called: Bayside... and each cost 162 points.

An open plan kitchen with a dishwasher, trash compactor, microwave, hot beverage machine and a food processor, also edible food in the kitchen and on the dining room table, but you may have to remove the plates under it so that the sims can eat the food.
And a big screen wall TV in the living room.

Second floor on the left side: bedroom and a table with a laptop. Small balcony. From the left side of the house to the right side, there is a little passage, on the right side an other double bedroom and the bathroom with the laundry also a laundry basket. 

Third floor on the left side: bathroom and a dressing room.

Outdoor: a greenhouse with fruits and vegetables patch (for the pumpkins you need the EP The Seasons). A pool and a BBQ. Garden.

Front house: a pond and an open parking for 2 cars.

The hallway has a pretty glow tree light created by Felicity, that will glow in the evening.

The house is build on a plot of 30x30. Without furnitures it cost: 86'016
With furnitures it cost: 154'113  and without a plot: 152'343.

Furnitures/decorations... used by the creators below.

Credits and thank you to:

Lulu265 at TSR (shoes): CLICK
Flovv at TSR (Dressing): CLICK
Felicity: (Glow light): CLICK
at TSR: CLICK and his website (Living room): CLICK
Matomibotaki (windows, carpet): CLICK 
Ung999 (Light, carpet): CLICK
Pralinesims (TV): CLICK
Devirose (Door and Wallpaper): CLICK
Souris (Khany Sims website)(Flowers): CLICK
4Sims - Mirel (Appliances): CLICK 
The Sims Models: Granny Zaza. Yarona (Wallpaper, paintings, trees): CLICK   
Milina (the Hallway): CLICK
NewOne - One Billion Pixels (decorations and garden stuff): CLICK
Mango Sims (Bedrooms, bathrooms, diningroom and furnitures in the passage hallway downstairs): CLICK
Everlasting-Garden (Garden stuff and the garden door (greenhouse): CLICK
BlueCoco (Blue Jardin Outdoor set): CLICK
Bobo (the red kitchen called Forresto): CLICK

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