Monday, March 9, 2015

Waikanae by keyla
The house has 3 floors. Each room have a functional light switch.

An open plan kitchen (trash compactor, dishwasher and a food processor) breakfast counter table and a dining room. Living room with TV.
Double garage and hallway.

Second floor: a double bedroom with an ensuite (shower and a tub) and a fireplace in the bathroom. A study and a single bedroom. And a small bathroom with a tub and shower curtain, the counter is from the EP Late Night. Small terrace.

Third floor: double bedroom with an ensuite (shower and a tub).
The third floor has a private entrance. A small balcony and a terrace.

Garden. Pool with heart form. Vegetables/fruits patch.

The house has a library upstairs in the study and pumpkins in the garden patch that are from the EP The Seasons.

The house is build on a plot of 30x30. Without furnitures it cost: 68'611
With furnitures it cost: 115'115  and without a plot: 113'315

Furnitures/decorations... used by the creators below.

Credits and thank you to:

Lulu265 at TSR (bedroom and study): CLICK
Flovv at TSR (heart box in the bedroom and eyeshadow little box): CLICK
at TSR: CLICK and his website (bathroom): CLICK
Matomibotaki (fence, window): CLICK 
Ung999 (kitchen, light, dining room): CLICK
Devirose (door, paintings and wallpaper): CLICK
Souris (Khany Sims website)(Flowers): CLICK
The Sims Models: Granny Zaza. Yarona (Wallpaper, hallway furnitures, paintings, trees): CLICK   
NewOne - One Billion Pixels (decorations, (shower stuff) light switch, Mac laptop, garden stuff): CLICK
Mango Sims (bedrooms, bathroom, curtains, decorations): CLICK
Severinka (magazines): CLICK

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