Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hampton house made by Keyla ( Sims 3 )




The house has 3 floors and cost 123,640 (furnished and without a plot)
and 71,720 (unfurnished).

First floor: large kitchen. A dining room, a computer, an easel and
a bookshelf. 1 toilet.
Second floor: Nursery. Bathroom.
Master bedroom with an ensuite (shower).
And a small balcony.
Third floor: double bedroom. Bathroom. In the bedroom you will see a dress standing, it's a dresser.

A living room with TV and fireplace.

A large terrace with BBQ, jacuzzi and a bar.

Garden. Pool. Table with chairs,  and a double open parking place.

In the kitchen and in the dining room, there are edible foods, like burgers,
muffin, donuts and so on.. when I tested the house with a sim, she didn't want
to eat the food who's on a tray/plate, so you'll have to remove the plate and
then the sim can take the food and eat it.

The jacuzzi and the outdoor table are from the EP's Late Night and The Seasons.

Thanks for downloading.

Furnitures/decorations... used by the creators below.
Credits and thank you to:

Lulu265 at TSR (furnitures): CLICK
Flovv at TSR (furnitures): CLICK
at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK
Matomibotaki (windows...): CLICK 
Ung999: CLICK
Pralinesims(painting): CLICK
Devirose (doors, wallpaper) : CLICK
Ladesire (painting): CLICK
Souris (Khany Sims website)(garden stuff): CLICK
NewOne - One Billion Pixels (edible food, decorations...): CLICK
4Sims - Mirel (computer and Ipod): CLICK 
The Sims Models: Granny Zaza. Yarona. Milana and AdLulu (paintings, nursery,fireplace, furnitures) CLICK
Severinka (magazines):CLICK
MarcusSims91Designs (numbers): CLICK

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