Friday, March 13, 2015

Locarno by Keyla (Sims 3)
Lot size 20x30
Price: 62'131 furnished and without the plot - unfurnished 47'999.
2 floors house.
First floor: single garage with laundry. (The washmachine and the tumbler are from the EP Ambitions). Living room with TV and fireplace. The curtain in the living room is automatic,
they close at 6pm and open again at 6am. Kitchen with a dining table area.
Elevator: you must have the Late Night EP to be able to have the elevator in the house, otherwise it will be missing but you can always add a spiral staircase).
Second floor:
2 bedrooms, one single and one double with a computer and a sitting area.
2 bathrooms both with a shower.
Outdoor: the pool is on the second floor, a terrace with a vending machine, to use the vending machine you need the University Life EP if not then it will be not functional.
Small garden with BBQ and a table for eating.
Thanks to the creators for their beautiful CC's. Links/Names below.
Martoele: CLICK and CLICK  (automatic curtains/outdoor table/chairs)
Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK (lamps, master bedroom)
Matomibotaki: CLICK  (wallpapers/patterns/windows/door)
Pilar: CLICK and CLICK (single bedroom, kitchen, shower room)
Kardofe: CLICK (hallway - laundry objects)
Ung999: CLICK  (lamps, rug, desk, chair)
Ladesire: CLICK (decorations)
Devirose: CLICK  (doors)
Souris: CLICK  (dining chairs/flowers)
4Sims - Mirel: CLICK  (microwave)
NewOne - One Billion Pixels: CLICK (decorations)
Art Vitalex Design: CLICK   (decorations-kitchen)
Mango Sims: 
CLICK  (living room)
Tankuz: CLICK (kitchen decorations - vending machine)
CLICK  (outdoor sofa/chairs/table)

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