Monday, March 9, 2015

Casa Carolina by Keyla

Please read my info below regarding my house, thanks.

This house was made for a friend's world but without CC's. So I added CC's, decorations stuff and also outdoor sofas and garden stuff.
So what happened when I downloaded my house to put back in Sunset Valley, the mail box and garbage disappeared. No idea why, it's the first time that happened so to make them appearing where I placed them, simply use the cheating codes, explanation below if you have never used the codes.

After you have installed the house. Click the Buy Mode or simply click F2 on your keyboard.
Then on your keyboard, you click: Control + Shift + C all together, you will see on top of your screen like a long blue rectangle, inside you write: testingcheatsenabled true (leave a space between testingcheatsenabled and true) then you click enter, after that you click again Control + Shift + C, again the blue rectangle will appear and inside you write: buydebug (no space in between) and again enter, then you will see the mail box appearing in front of the house and the garbage next to the vegetables patch.

So the furnitures except the outdoor set next to the pool are made by EA.
But I changed the texture and recoloured all of them. 

When I build I use the EP's: WA, LN, Ambitions, Generations and the Seasons.
For this house, I used the Seasons and Late Night: the pumpkins, the string bass instrument and the furnitures texture in the green/yellow bedroom. So if you don't have those EP's then it will be replaced. 

The decorations (CC's) are:  the paintings, food, garden stuff, a game, books, a laptop, bags and so on.

In the single bedroom you can find a pretty laptop with an avatar picture made by One Billion Pixels.

The mansion has 4 bedrooms. 2 doubles, 1 single and one nursery. 2 bathrooms and one WC. A study. Kitchen with separated dining table for 6.
The kitchen has a folding screen to separate the kitchen and dining area, the folding screen has a pretty painting of the Eiffel Tower, a CC made by Pilar. 
A living room with a TV on the wall and a fireplace.

Also upstairs you can find a pretty radio, CC made by Kardofe.

The house has a double garage. 

Outdoor: a tree house with a sofa, table with a laptop and a bookshelf.
Vegetables/fruits patch, one side has a small empty space to add whatever you like. And near the pool, there is a table with a game ( Trivial Pursuit).

A big pool with 2 hearts, a place to relax with a cool box that you can find next to the sofa and a BBQ area. A swing and sand for kids.

Lot size: 40x30 / Furnished and without a plot, the house cost: 154'761

Thanks to the creators for their beautiful CC's.
Links/Names below.

Martoele: CLICK and CLICK

Lulu265 at TSR: CLICK
Flovv at TSR: CLICK
Pilar: CLICK and CLICK
at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK
Kardofe: CLICK and CLICK
NewOne - One Billion Pixels: CLICK

Ladesire: CLICK 
Ung999: CLICK
Around the Sims 3: CLICK
Souris (Khany Sims website): CLICK

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