Wednesday, September 5, 2018

TS4 Paintings: ©Jasmine7031

READ PLEASE : INFORMATION regarding the download

If you have some problems downloading my other creations whom are uploaded with SimFileShare. Please let me know in the comment below.
But there is a way to be able to download. So if after having clicked the download in Simfileshare you get a warning page, close the warning page and go back to my blog, click again the download button in my blog, then it should work and you should then have a window that opens in your PC to save the creation(s) in your file.

For this new paintings, I put them in Mediafire for downloading, below.


The pictures belongs to ©Jasmine 7031  

Thank you to Mrs. Jasmine7031 for having allowed me to use her pictures.

Copyright-Names/Links visible with the pictures in the paintings section.

5 different sizes, my own meshing with 3Blender.

And of course if you want to place/hang the paintings nearer an other painting or slightly up/down then simply use the code: testingcheats true and bb.moveobjects on and then " Alt " on your keyboard to move the painting up/down.

A screenshot with the 3 different sizes. 

6 paintings from Sweet to Pizza

4 paintings from Sushi to Appetizers

The kitchen cc's are created by BuffSumm: CLICK

You can see in my Bergamo House the whole kitchen how it looks like and also the link to the cc's added, kitchen called: Industry Kitchen. CLICK 

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