Saturday, July 7, 2018

Silvaplana House

Sims 3 

The house is build with EP's: Late Night, The Seasons and Ambitions. 

Plot size: 30x30

The house has 2 floors. 

Furnished: 101'451 - Unfurnished: 55'356

First floor: Small hallway. Laundry. Kitchen with a dining table. Living room. Nursery. Double bedroom. Family bathroom (shower and bathtub).

Second floor: Double bedroom with a dressing. Bathroom.

Outdoor: Parking space for 2 cars. Bicycle. Greenhouse with vegetables/fruits. Lemon and Apple trees. BBQ. Pool.


Thank you to the artists for their cc's. 

Credits to:

AppleFall: CLICK (Glass roof - Greenhouse)

Around the Sims3 (Sandy)CLICK (Garden. Office set. Decorations)

ArtVitalex: CLICK (hallway and lamps)

Babybluebug: CLICK (small fridge)

DaraSims: CLICK (kitchen decorations)

Dot: CLICK (dressing)

Devirose: CLICK (walls/floors)

Flovv: CLICK (decorations)

4Sims - Mirel: CLICK (microwave)

Gosik: CLICK (lamp  and mirror- bathroom upstairs and orchid flower)

Granny Zaza: The blog is closed (teapot with flowers - kitchen)

Kardofe: CLICK (painting - bedroom 1st floor)

Lily of the Valley: CLICK (wall stickers nursery & bedroom)

Lillka: CLICK (paintings in the laundry and both bathrooms)

Loryah / Khany Sims: CLICK (Flower)

MangoSims: CLICK (flower pot. Deco and laundry basket)

Matomibotaki: CLICK (windows)

Mireluk: CLICK (flowers)

Murano: CLICK  (kitchen furniture and mirror-floor)

NewOne - One Billion Pixels: CLICK (garden stuff and soap)

Pralinesims: CLICK and CLICK  (paintings)

Saratella: CLICK (wood floor for the pool)

Sasillia: CLICK (laundry)

ShinoKCR: CLICK (Nursery)

Ung999: CLICK (lamps. Outdoor furniture and double bedroom (1st floor)

Yarona: (paintings - both bathrooms) The blog is closed.

YouLust: CLICK (kitchen decorations)

Ziggy28: CLICK (painting- hallway 2nd floor)

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