Friday, March 9, 2018

TS4 - Paintings and Wallpapers ©G. Biechele


The pictures belongs to ©Guy Biechele, link below.

Thank you to Mr. G. Biechele for having allowed me to use his pictures.
Names/Links visible in the game (paintings/wallpapers area).

14 paintings and 2 wallpapers.
Below you can see some screenshots, to give you an idea of the paintings size.

7 different sizes for the paintings, my own meshing with 3D Blender.

The first painting called Waterfall, a large and a small size. The large size Waterfall painting is placed on the short wall, so if you want the painting more up, simply use the cheat code (testingcheats true and bb.moveobjects, then use the Alt key, to move the painting a little bit up for the short wall). 

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Waterfall large and small

From New Mexico to Bear's Den Falls

From Iris to Bridge 

Waterflow and Autumn paintings

Water Flow and Autumn Wallpapers


  1. Oh, yes! Downloaded! Thank you so much for continually bringing such cool art to my attention AND that I get to have it in my game <3