Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TS4 Lot: Primrose house with cc's


The house has CC's. Links below. For my own paintings, you can fin them in the mods file when you download the house - ZIP file.

CC's from: Anidup. ArtVitalex. Ung999. Ladesire. Dara. Simcredible and 4 paintings created by me.

Size 20 x 15

Furnished: 75'705 - Unfurnished: 18'449

The house has 1 family bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

First floor: Hallway. Kitchen. Study. Living room with fireplace.

Second floor: Family bathroom. Child bedroom. Master bedroom with a bathtub. Terrace.

Outdoor: Garden. BBQ. 

CC's: The kitchen. The study. The master bedroom. Paintings.
The purple and yellow flowers (living room and master bedroom). 
Books decorations (study and master bedroom)
3 toys in the child bedroom ( the yellow star, the bee and the brown plush toy on the floor). 
Decorations in the kitchen. Porch swing. 

Kitchen called Euroface created by ArtVitalex: CLICK HERE

Accessories/decorations in the kichen called Bonjour 
created by ArtiVitalex: CLICK HERE

Study called Casa created by ArtVitalex: CLICK HERE

Master bedroom called Indigo created by Ung999: CLICK HERE

Books decorations (study) called Book & Paper set 
created by Ladesire: CLICK HERE

Toys in the child bedroom called Cassandra created by Anidup: CLICK HERE

Flowers created by Dara: CLICK HERE

The porch swing is created by Simcredible: CLICK HERE


4 paintings below created by me. My paintings are in the mods file when you download the house.

Paintings to download if you would like them in the house, below the preview paintings.

For the 2 coffee paintings created by Anidup: CLICK HERE

To see them in the game, you have to download the meshes created by The Numbers Woman.

The 2 meshes to download: CLICK HERE  

After having open the ZIP for the meshes, the 2 meshes are called: 
Rug Large Picture and Rug Very Long Picture

3 large paintings by Anidup: CLICK HERE

Interior screenshots

Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.


ArtVitalex. CLICK HERE


Ladesire: CLICK HERE


Simcredible: CLICK HERE

Thanks to the photographers for their pictures.

Denny Bitte: CLICK HERE

Jasmine7031: CLICK HERE

Sharon Boswall: CLICK HERE