Monday, May 18, 2015

Sims 4 - Lorenza Perez by Keyla (CC's)

Pictures clickable

This is my first Sims4. :-)

Young adult.

My sim has CC's, links below to download.


For the face:

Skin: Rachel skin created by Jomsims: The link isn't valid anymore.

Hair: Firenze hair created by Alesso: CLICK

Fairy Dust Eyes: created by Tsminh_3: CLICK

Affable Eyebrows: created by Tsminh_3: CLICK

Lucid Lipstick: created by Tsminh_3: CLICK

Love Eyeshadow: created by Tsminh3: CLICK


Evening dress: called "Satin Sequin Altuzarra" 

created by All About Style: Link not valid anymore

UPDATE - September 2015- Everyday dress- Just for your Sims - 
The blog is closed. 

Swimwear: it's called "Coup de Soleil", scroll down, created by

Nightwear: called "Nuisette Vertige", scroll down, created by Rosha21:  CLICK

Sportwear: created by All About Style: Link not valid anymore


Jackboots: created by Bukovka: CLICK

Heels (Leather Pumps): created by Natalis: CLICK

Sport shoes: created by All About Style: Link not valid anymore


Ring and bracelet (Spring and Crystal): created by Natalis:


Bracelet: CLICK

The backrounds are created by Annett (Annett's Sims Welt).

The poses are created by: Sicilia Forever and Sim4Fun (Simsfans Forum).


Thanks to the creators for their CC's, backrounds and poses.

Rosah21/Sims Dentelle: CLICK

Annett's Sims Welt: CLICK

Just for your sims: CLICK

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK 

Bukovka:  CLICK and CLICK

Tsminh_3: CLICK

Natalis: CLICK

Simsfans Forum: CLICK

Alesso: CLICK

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  1. Hallo Keyla, dies ist wirklich eine sehr hübsche Simin. Sie gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Woche, bis dann mal [hugs] Gaby.