Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paintings by Keyla - Sims 4

Pictures clickable

5 paintings made by Keyla with Sims4 Studio.

The first 4 pictures belongs to me.
The butterfly and the mushroom house (nursery) pictures are created by me, they are my own design made with my pen tablet and graphic software, they are copyright, some design I used to sale for scrapdigital.
Similar paintings for sims3, links below.

Link: http://keylasims3.blogspot.ch/2015/03/butterfly-mushroom-by-keyla.html
Link: http://keylasims3.blogspot.ch/2015/03/winter-design-by-keyla.html

London picture belongs to ©Alain Janssoone Photographer - CLICK

If you reblog in tumblr or elsewhere, please keep my name/copyright intact and do not upload, add my links to the creations, thank you.

Butterfly / Price 3370

Nursery / 315

Maison de maître / Price 315

Kyoto / Price 315

London Panorama / Price 315

Screenshot with a nursery room

Original pictures

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