Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Graziella Ferrero by Keyla (Sims 3)

Pictures clickable

Graziella Ferrero is a young adult woman. Vegetarian, perfectionist, loves the nature.

Not included - Skin

For this sim, I used the skin made by Pralinesims.

UPDATE: December 7th, 2018

The link for the skin in Blogspot isn't valid anymore but I used natural, there are 2 kinds at TSR also created by Pralinesims. I give you both links and you see which you prefer.

Pure Skin Natural Default: CLICK

Pure Skin Natural Non Default: CLICK

Included - Hair, clothes, accessories, shoes and make up.

The "Defa Lucy" hair are created by Sintiklia.

The lipstick "Sugar" is created by Natalis.

The "Summer Lovin" blush is created by Margeh75.

The shiny eyes "Nr27" are created by Tsminh_3.

The "Glamorous" eyebrows are created by Pralinesims.

The "Silky Cream" eyeshadow is created by  Pralinesims.

"Casual Inc Top" created by Margeh75
Pants "Memories2" created by Metens
Shoes created by Melisa_Inci
Modular Bracelet with charms and ring "Fa-Ya" created by Natalis
French Nails created by Pralinesims.

A screenshot to see the ring and bracelet.


Satin dress "Fa-Ya" created by Natalis
"Astra" Shoes created by Altea127
Liquid Gem Necklace created by Natalis
Good Luck Bracelet  and "Crystal Flower" ring created by Natalis
French Nails created by Pralinesims

2 screenshots to see the ring, bracelet and the shoes.

Swimwear "Sunrise" created by Metens
Platform Shoes created by Altea127

Leather coat created by Natalis
Pretty Woman Jeans created by Redcat
Studded Sole Shoes created by Bukovka

Sleepwear "On my own night dress" created by MartyP
"Scarpe Retro" Shoes created by Altea127

Denim Effect Outfit Sportwear created by MartyP
Shoes by EA

For the background I used paintings, wallpapers and different floors.

The paintings are from Badkisa777

The wallpapers and floors are from Granny Zaza

I used poses made by Mia8

Thank you to all artists for their beautiful creations.

Sintiklia: CLICK and CLICK

NataliS: CLICK

Metens: CLICK and CLICK

Bukovka: CLICK and CLICK


Altea127: CLICK and CLICK 

Margeh75: CLICK and CLICK

Tsminh_3: CLICK and CLICK

Melisa_Inci: CLICK

Pralinesims: CLICK and CLICK


Badkisa777: CLICK and CLICK

Granny Zaza: CLICK


Cmomoney @MTS/pose player: CLICK

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