Monday, March 30, 2015

Joanna McLeod by Keyla (Sims 3)

Joanna is a young adult.

For this sim, I used the skin created by Teru_K / Mod of the Sims website.
I used the first skin called: ESkin Natural + Light 7z

The skin is not included, if you download without it, you will get the sim with EA skin color.

Here the link to download the skin: CLICK 

Check then in CAS the sim, below the preview of the skin, the way it should be so that the sim looks like Joanna.

I used 2 hairstyles. The hair up for the evening is created by SkySims and it's not included, I colorized the hair.

Link to download it: CLICK

The everyday hair is created by Butterfly Sims and retextured by Jennisims.
The hairstyle is included with the sim.

The evening shoes aren't shown well on my preview, they are glitter shoes, here the link to see how they look: CLICK

Clothes, make up and shoes are included.

Crystal clean eyes created by Tsminh_3
Eyebrows created by Pralinesims

Lipstick and blush created by Tsminh_3

Everyday dress (the top and the jeans): created by Margeh75
Shoes: created by Melisa_Inci
Watch: created by Melisa_Inci

Evening/Formal dress (black dress): created by MsBlue
Shoes: created by Melisa_Inci
Watch: created by Melisa_Inci
Earrings: created by Lorandia
Crystal nails: created by Pralinesims

Sleepwear: created by Margeh75

Bikini retro: created by G. Wimmer (Just for your sims)
Shoes: created by Melisa_Inci

Outdoor: coat military style - created by MsBlue
Shoes and pants by EA

Sport wear: created by Melisa_Inci
Shoes: created by Altea127

The poses I used are created by MissDayDreams and Shokobiene.

Thank you to all artists for their beautiful creations.

Altea127: CLICK and CLICK 

Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK

Pralinesims: CLICK and CLICK

Margeh75: CLICK and CLICK

Lorandia: CLICK

Just for your sims: CLICK


Tsminh_3: CLICK

Melisa_Inci: CLICK

SkySims: CLICK

ButterflySims: CLICK

Shokobiene: CLICK

MissDayDreams: CLICK


Cmomoney @MTS/pose player: CLICK
Murano/screenshot backdrop: CLICK

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  1. Joanna ist wirklich sehr hübsch ♥! Freut mich, dass dir mein Retro Bikini gefällt.