Tuesday, January 8, 2019

TS4 Paintings: ©Jasmine7031


The pictures belongs to ©Jasmine 7031  

Thank you to Mrs. Jasmine7031 for having allowed me to use her pictures.

Copyright-Names/Links visible with the pictures in the paintings section.

7 different sizes, my own meshing with 3Blender.

The size of the painting Ramen is the same as the Starbucks painting (small size).

And a large size painting (Starbucks), see below. 

The paintings called: Anmitsu, Jelly and Sandwiches are a little bit smaller than the paintings Ramen and Starbucks.

A screenshot with 5 different sizes. CC's used for the kitchen, see link below.

2 Starbucks paintings

4 paintings - Ramen to Sandwiches

5 paintings - Roastbeef to Matcha Parfait

For the kitchen above, I used Cc's created by DaerOn: range hood, steel stove, the fridge, the sink, the microwave and the dishwasher, kitchen called Stainless Steel Appliances: CLICK HERE

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  1. Oh, what a talented photographer! I think these are amazing - thank you <3