Wednesday, September 19, 2018

TS4 Paintings: ©Pete - Tvoom


The pictures belongs to ©Pete - T.v.o.o.m 

Thank you to Mr. Pete for having allowed me to use his pictures.
Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area).

9 paintings are my own meshing with 3D Blender, 6 different sizes. 
2 paintings (Forest Path and Sunflower are EA's original size paintings). 

The enchanted forest is a very large painting. Mill picture, I made 2 sizes, a large one and smaller one. 

The small Mill picture, both sides and up/down, the colour is white, the same goes for the Flower and the Landscape paintings.

And for the large Mill painting, the picture goes on both sides and up/down, the same goes for the Tournesol, Path, Gran Canaria, Lake and the Enchanted Forest pictures, looks like a canva painting.

Screenshots with 5 different sizes

1) 6 paintings (From Lake to Large Mill)

2) 4 paintings (From Flower to Gran Canaria)

3) 1 painting (Enchanted Forest)

For the last picture above. The American Dinner (table/chairs/deco/drinks are from: Around the Sims : CLICK 

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