Tuesday, June 19, 2018

TS4 Lot: Kelowna


Kelowna House 

Download button/link below for downloading the sims4 house and also a link for my new sims3 house if you play sims3.

Info below about the cc's, there is a modfile and links for the other cc's to download, thanks.

Size: 30 x 20

Furnished:  104'551 

Unfurnished:  32'527

The has 2 floors with a mezzanine on the second floor.

First floor: Open plan kitchen with a living room. WC. Master bedroom with ensuite. Cozy room with fire place and a terrace.

Second floor: Mezzanine with piano, desk with a computer. Double bedroom with ensuite.

Outdoor: Garden. Pool. Small fountain. 

The house has CC's. Some cc's are added in the modsfile, whom are cc's created by Tatschu: floors/walls (brick, wood, stone), pillows, rugs. Also my cc's ( 3 paintings: FallForest (master bedroom), Golden Gate  (mezzanine) and Santorini (bedroom 2nd floor) are in the modsfile. You can see below a screenshot. 

For the other cc's, links below for downloading them. 

Cc's used for the master bedroom. Double bedroom. Bathroom (2nd floor) and 3 paintings: Kitchen. Bathroom and the cozy room. 

Master bedroom called Pera by Artvitalex: CLICK HERE

Double bedroom called Milana by Severinka: CLICK HERE

Bathroom called Mila by Buffsumm: CLICK HERE

The orchid flower in the cozy room is from the set called Mila (bathroom).

The white table in the mezzanine is from the set called Milana (double bedroom).


Wall Decal by Oldbox and meshed by Anidup: CLICK HERE  
On the right side you will see written: Datei herunterladen, click on it for downloading. 

Aurora by Kardofe: CLICK HERE

Cuisine by Xyra33: CLICK HERE

Kelowna House 

Below screenshots of the house and also a picture of my Sims3 house for downloading for those who play Sims3, thank you. 

INFORMATION: If you play Sims3, I have a new house. Cottage/Beach house style. Below a picture, for more info about it and for downloading: CLICK HERE

Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Tatschu: Click

Artvitalex: Click 

Oldbox: Click

Kardofe: Click

Severinka: Click

BuffSumm: Click

Xyra33: Click

Thank you to the photographers for allowing me to use their pictures, more paintings created with their pictures can be found in my blog under: paintings and wallpapers.

©Wayland William Whitney: CLICK

©Denny Bitte: CLICK

©Airpano: CLICK

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