Wednesday, April 25, 2018

TS4 Paintings & 2 Wallpapers: ©Wayland William Whitney


The pictures belongs to ©Wayland William Whitney.

Thank you to Mr. W.W.Whitney for having allowed me to use his pictures. 

Names/Links visible in the game (paintings and wallpapers area)

2 wallpapers and 18 paintings with 9 different sizes made by me, my own meshing. 
With the Autumn and Mavericks pictures, I created wallpapers, medium and large size paintings. 

3 large carpets, yellow curtain, green sofa and the round table are cc's made by Tatschu: CLICK HERE

4 screenshots with the wallpaper and 7 paintings ( 7 different sizes ) and the other 2 sizes are the iris, the smallest painting and the water painting is slightly smaller then the mavericks painting that you can see below in the bathroom. 

10 paintings from Evening to Water

4 paintings from Ch√Ęteau de Losse to Snow

Mavericks paintings and 1 wallpaper

Autum paintings and 1 wallpaper

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