Saturday, November 18, 2017

TS4 Wallpapers: ©Andrew Locking

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The pictures belongs to Mr. A. Locking: 

Thank you to Mr. Andrew Locking for having allowed me to use his pictures.

Names/Links visible in the game (wallpapers area).

All my wallpapers can be used in 3 sizes for the wall (small/medium/tall).

3rd picture below, you can see how it looks with a medium size wall, the others are small walls.

More wallpapers and also paintings created with Mr. Locking's pictures can be found in my blog. I am preparing new paintings with Mr. Locking's pictures.

You can see the numbers above the pictures.
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  1. Hi! I LOVE you pictures and paintings so very much! I have downloaded most of them :) I wanna ask, if you allow to use your Picture Meshes for recolors? Of course with credit to you? I can^t find something in yout TOU, thats why I ask here :) Greets, TaTschu