Saturday, November 11, 2017

TS4 Paintings: ©Uwe Heinze


The pictures belongs to ©Uwe Heinze

Thank you to Mr. Heinze for having allowed me to use his pictures.

Names/Links visible in the game (pictures area).

15 paintings with 7 different sizes, my own meshing with 3D blender. 
And 2 paintings (forest creek and forest) original size (EA).

Terms of Use

If you use my cc's for your upload house(s), don't add my CC's in your Mods file if you add one with your upload house, please add my name Keyla Sims and the link to the CC's for downloading. Thank you.

Screenshots below
For the bathroom I put 3 cc's created by Jomsims, 
to see his website CLICK HERE

8 paintings from White Moon to See

 4 paintings from Creek to Church

5 paintings from Forest Creek to Trees

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