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TS4 Lot: Sheffield by Keyla

Read my info/message under the pictures,
my house has Custom Contents,
all links below to download, thanks.


Sheffield House

The house has CC's from: Jomsims. Lulu265. BuffSumm. Leo Sims. Annett Sims. Nikadema and from Keyla Sims (my paintings). 
Links below.

Size: 30 x 20

Value furnished: 123'520 - unfurnished: 41'942.

First floor: hallway. A kitchen and a dining room. A living room with a fireplace and a plasma TV.

Second floor: a study/office. A terrace. Single bedroom. Family bathroom with a shower and a tub. Toddler bedroom.

Third floor: a room for reading, to play chess or music. Next to it a small terrace. On the other side of the 3rd floor it's the master bedroom with an ensuite (shower and a tub).

Outdoor: garden. swimmingpool. BBQ with a table. Small fountain.


My paintings ( 5 in total ) There are placed in the living room, wildflower on top of the fireplace and the painting called Autumn (the picture above, the one next to the bookshelf). Then the sailboat picture in the single bedroom. And 2 Oregon paintings, one in the hallway and one in the master bedroom.

My paintings, you can download them in Mediafire: CLICK HERE

CC's created by Leo Sims. ( 5 in total )

Link for the chairs, they are in hallway: CLICK HERE   The set is called FIVE, I only used the armchair.

Link for the cabinet/coatrack in the hallway: CLICK HERE

Bath map with slippers: CLICK HERE

Heart fireplace: CLICK HERE

Toddler bedroom: CLICK HERE

CC's created by Jomsims

Bathroom in green (Guarjo) next to the master bedroom. I used all the cc's, one cc isn't visible in my pictures above because it's a decoration on the wall, I placed it above the bathtub. 

After you have clicked the link, the bathroom is on the right side of the page, called:  GUARJO.  CLICK HERE

CC's created by Nikadema (the cc's are on the terrace). 
CLICK HERE and one cc is also on top of the table in the hallway.

CC's created by Lulu265

The study/office called: Baldridge. CLICK HERE

CC's created by Annett Sims

Paintings: 2 paintings are in the dining room and 1 painting is in the toddler bedroom. See my screenshots above. 

For the dining room -  a small one near the dining table and a large one: 
CLICK HERE (Dining room Lizie) and CLICK HERE (Pictures Silence)

For the toddler bedroom: CLICK HERE  (Dinosaurs and other animals)

CC's created by BuffSumm

Master bedroom called: Industry. CLICK HERE

Some of the cc's are also placed in the single bedroom and in the hallway (carpet).

Few years ago I built a similar house for Sims 3 but this one is build directly on the soil and some layouts for the interior are different.

If you would like to see it or download it: CLICK HERE


Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK  and his website: CLICK


BuffSumm: CLICK



Annett Sims: CLICK HERE

Thanks to the photographers pictures:

Angie Reed:  CLICK HERE

Rob Miller: CLICK HERE

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