Friday, May 12, 2017

TS4 Lot: Nanaimo

Read my info/message under the pictures,
my house has Custom Contents,
all links below to download, thanks.

Clickable pictures

The house has CC's from: Jomsims (kitchen appliances), BuffSumm (decorations coffee set), Lulu265 (single bedroom) and from myself ( 4 paintings ).

4 links below for the CC's.

1st floor: 
Kitchen. Living room with a fireplace. Plasma TV. Desk with laptop. Dining table.

2nd floor:
Master bedroom. Single bedroom. Family bathroom (tub and shower).

Pool (all around the house) and BBQ.

My 4 paintings are called: Marguerite (I put it in the living room), the Russian Tea in the kitchen. Autumn painting is upstairs (hallway) and the Cherry Tree (also upstairs in the master bedroom). See the pictures above. For my paintings I put directly my mediafire link.

LINK ( 4 paintings ): CLICK

Coffee set decorations created by BuffSumm: instant coffee (near the coffee machine), milk, sugar cubes and coffee cup ( I placed them on the counter island and I place one coffee cup on the desk in the living room ). After you clicked the link, a window will open and you will see the different cc's: 
I download 4 cc's: BS_201703301 (Coffee Milkcan). BS_201703302 (Coffee Cup Coffee). BS_201703307(Coffee Sugar Cubes - the first one). BS_20170308 (Coffee Instant Coffee)


Kitchen appliances created by Jomsims

I placed 6 appliances in the kitchen: the rice cooker. The coffee machine. The toaster. The Deco Set KitchenAid. The Microwave and the Deco Mixer. The appliances are called: For my Kitchen.


Leila Bedroom created by Lulu265 (Child bedroom)


Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK  and his website: CLICK

Lulu265: CLICK

BuffSumm: CLICK

Thanks to Mrs Amy Montico and Mr. Kevin Walker for allowing me to use their pictures.

Amy Montico: CLICK  (Autumn. Cherry tree. Marguerite)

Kevin Walker: CLICK (Russian Tea)

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