Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TS4 Custom Content: Paintings_©Rodolfo9999

Clickable Pictures

The pictures belongs to ©Rodolfo9999

Thank you to Rodolfo 9999 for having allowed me to use their pictures.

Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area).

The picture Nr. 3, I didn't change the size, it's the Superasymmetry painting (original size).

The other pictures I made different sizes with 3D Blender.
The 5 pictures  (Nr. 1,2,4,6 and Fish&Chips) are a little bit smaller then the original Superasmmetry painting. 

The paintings Nr. 5 and the JGarden have bigger sizes.

The JGarden painting can also be downloaded as wallpaper: CLICK HERE  

Previews with 3 paintings

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