Friday, November 6, 2015

TS4 Lot: Brooklyn House with CC's

The house has CC's, info/links below.
Clickable pictures.

SIZE: 30 x 20

Brooklyn House with CC's (Jomsims and Jenn Simtopia).

2 floors.
3 bedrooms (1 double bedroom, 1 single for a child and 1 nursery).
2 bathrooms and 1 WC

Value with the plot: 100'442 - Empty it cost: 32'182

The house has a garden with a pool, a fireplace, a BBQ. Training equipment, chess table and an easel.

First floor:
Kitchen, dinning room, living room with a small TV and a computer. WC.

Second floor:
Double bedroom with a fireplace. Child bedroom and a nursery.
Family bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. And a small bathroom with a shower. Terrace.

The garden set, the living room, bathroom upstairs, the double bedroom and the child bedroom are CC's and in the nursery the chair and the toy box are also CC's.

For downloading ( 5 sets )

Living room, bathroom with shower/bathtub, double bedroom and the garden set are CC's created by Jomsims.

1). Living room: called ARVASYL

2). The bathroom is called: METAL PASSION

3). The double bedroom is called: DILGANCE

4). The garden set is called: INORA garden

Child bedroom created by Jenn Simtopia.

5). The bedroom is called: HOLLY HOBBY

I mentionned above about the toy box and the chair in the nursery, those cc's belongs to the Holly Hobby set.


Thanks to the creators for their CC's

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  1. Elle est vraiment très originale ta maison ♥ j'aime