Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TS4 Custom Content: Paintings / ©Airpano pictures (1)

This is the first part, yesterday (October 20th) I posted the second part ( 11 paintings but also mural wallpapers), see my categories on the left side, thanks.

Clickable pictures

The pictures belongs to ©Airpano


Thank you to the team of Airpano  for having allowed me to use their pictures.
Names/Links visible in the game (paintings area).
Thanks for downloading. 

The pictures are in RAR. I made 4 parts.
Below 2 screenshots.

1st part 
Churches and the wood house in Russia

 2nd part
Santorini / Myanmar

3rd part
Singapore, Dubai/Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi

4th part
Neuschwanstein / New York


  1. OMG these are amazing! All the places I will never get to travel but can see them, because of you! Thank you so very very much!

  2. Love these pictures, they are so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Ciao Keyla! Ho riaperto un blog, il mio indirizzo è nel forum. Bellissimi i quadri come ho già apprezzato in precedenza!