Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TS4 Lot: Roseberry by Keyla (CC's)

Roseberry House

For my house, I added cc's for the single bedroom and the kitchen, cc's made by Jomsims.  And I added 4 paintings made by me. Links below to download the CC's.The cc made by Jomsims for the single bedroom has a wallpaper and floor, I used the wallpaper (hell brown) and for the single and the double bedroom, I used the same floor, hell color also from Jomsims set.

Roseberry house has 2 bedrooms (one double and one single). 1 family bathroom with a shower, bathtub. A kitchen with a fireplace and a living room.

Small garden, a terrace with BBQ. A small fountain and a swimming pool.

Cost: 53,374 furnished and without the plot.

4 paintings added, one in the living room (see screenshot called Helsinki Marina), one in the kichen (see the screenshot called Russian tea) and 2 in the double bedroom (see screenshot called Forest and Symphony). I put the 4 paintings in RAR.

For the kitchen and the single bedroom, links below to download.

There is one frame called London (black and white, I simply hang it in the hallway between the bathroom and the single bedrooms door.

Kitchen, called McBride: CLICK

Bedroom, called Stoni Teen: CLICK


Thanks to Jomsims for his CC's: CLICK

Thanks to Mr. Pete and Mr. Kevin Walker for allowing me to use their pictures.

More pictures and mural wallpapers made with their pictures can be downloaded in my blog (see the categories, thanks).

Pete (T.V.O.O.M) CLICK

K. Walker: CLICK

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