Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marianne Boursin with CC's - Sims 4


All pictures clickable.

Marianne Boursin is a young adult with CC's.

With the 2 last pictures above, you can see better the nails, shoes and she is wearing a ring and the earrings with a cross are for the evening dress.

Links below for downloading the CC's.

For the face:

Skin: Rachel skin created by Jomsims: 
The skin creation has been removed, the link isn't valid anymore.

Hair: Aphrodite (Original Newsea) converted by Kalilies:
Link not valid anymore but the original from Newsea can be downloaded at TSRCLICK

Eyes: created by Sintiklia No 06: CLICK

Lucid Lipstick: created by Tsminh_3: CLICK

Eyeshadow: created by WhiteGhost: CLICK


Everyday dress: called Dress with Cardigan by Bukovka: CLICK

Shoes: Ribbon Ballet created by Marigold: CLICK

Earrings: Cascade of Rings created by Natalis: CLICK


Evening dress: Dress & Jacket created by Paogae: CLICK

Shoes: Leather Pumps created by Natalis: CLICK

Earrings: Cross Drop created by Natalis: CLICK


Sportwear: Pink Collection created by Metens: CLICK

Nightwear:  Lingerie Miranda created by Pinkzombiecupcakes: CLICK

Swimwear: The Sun created by Paogae: CLICK

Shoes: Martina Wedge created by Leeah: CLICK

The rings are the same for the evening dress and everyday dress, just the color is different.

Ring: Middle finger ring stacks ring created by Natalis: CLICK

The backgrounds are created by: Annett85 (Annett's Sims Welt), JenniSims, Nowa2000 and Patreshasediting2.

The poses are created by: Deli's Sims and Ms Blue.

Thanks to the creators for their CC's, backgrounds and poses.
Paogae: CLICK
Metens: CLICK
Sintiklia: CLICK
Annett's Sims Welt: CLICK
Bukovka:  CLICK and CLICK
Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK
Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK 
Tsminh_3: CLICK
Natalis: CLICK
Kalilies: CLICK
Marigold: CLICK
Pinkzombiecupcakes: CLICK
Deli's Sims: CLICK
Leeah: CLICK
WhiteGhost: CLICK
Nowa2000: CLICK
Patreshasediting2: CLICK

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