Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Primavera by Keyla (Sims 4)

All pictures are clickable, please read my message below, this house has 25 CC's. Thank you.

Size: 30 x 20
Furnished: 128,798
Empty: 36,584

If you would like to have the house to look 100% the same, links below to download the CC's, thanks.

This house has 3 bedrooms ( 2 singles and one double bedroom)
Kitchen with a small dining area. Living room with a fireplace.
Family bathroom with a tub and a shower. The single bedroom downstairs has an ensuite (shower room).

A little open Winter garden style but with no roof and a small fountain (hanging chair is a CC, link below for downloading).

Second floor:  music room with a grand piano and a violin.

And a separate single bedroom.

Outdoor: pool and BBQ.

CC's to download

The kitchen has 7 cc's. The fridge called Limited Edition created by Annett85.

Also from Annett85, 2 paintings called Kitchen Pictures.


Then 4 cc's in the kitchen from Kardofe: the toaster, the dishes, the juice, the breadbox.

The living room has 1 CC. The butterfly painting created by Severinka.


The Winter garden style / 1 CC - Hanging chair

(see screenshot above - Winter garden) created by Jomsims, after having clicked, simply scroll down and you will see a bedroom called: Moonstruck.


The single bedroom downstairs has 1 CC. The painting is created by Annett85.
The title of the painting is LOVE.

The double bedroom has 2 paintings created by Jomsims.
Those paintings are part of the Moonstruck bedroom set.


The music room has 2 paintings created by Annett85.
See the music room screenshot above. London and Paris paintings.

The single bedroom upstairs is a set created by Jomsims called: Modern Friend.
I used 9 CC's: the bed, the cushion, the big painting, the end table, the dresser, the desk, the chair, the puff and the shelve.

Outside: 2 bicycles created by Severinka.
I downloaded the adult bicycle with the basket v01 and the child bicycle v01.
The sunflower inside the basket can be found in the buy mode made by EA.


Credits and thank you to the creators for their objects, main links below.

Jomsims: at TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK 

Annett85: CLICK

Kardofe: CLICK

Severinka: CLICK and CLICK


  1. Ciao Keyla!
    Bellissime creazioni, originali e davvero creative! Ho inserito il tuo blog fra i miei preferiti, spero ti faccia piacere! Buona serata!

  2. J'aime beaucoup cette maison elle est vraiment très originale.Bravo;
    Amicalement Dom