Sunday, March 8, 2015

Romeo Vasquez by Keyla
Romeo Vasquez is a young adult, who's charismatic, star quality, artistic, great kisser and handy.

To make Romeo look like my sim please add the skin. 
I used the skin created by Teru_K called:  Eskin-NATURAL+TAN.7z

Link to download the skin:

The hair aren't included also the brown top and brown pants aren't included (3rd picture) Links below.

Hair (Michaelis), created by Kewai-Dou. 
Download the hair before downloading the sim and after you can add the hair in CAS, I downloaded the shiny hair, in CAS you will see the hair in blond, after adding it on the sim, it will be the same color as my sim.


The brown pants and brown top, created by Bukovka.

Included with the sim: swim short boxer (EA), Adidas clothes created by MartyP, evening clothes (grey color/top blazer and pants, right side on the 3rd picture) created by NYGirl and the green top with pants (everyday) created by Bukovka.
Also included the eyes (Aurora Eyes) created by Pralinesims and the eyebrows created by Altea127

The shoes are from EA Base Game and Late Night EP.

Thank you to all artists for their beautiful creations.

Altea127: CLICK and CLICK 
Martyp: CLICK and CLICK
Bukovka: CLICK
Pralinesims: CLICK
NyGirl Sims: CLICK
Cmomoney @MTS - pose player: CLICK
Murano (screenshot backdrop): CLICK
IMHO: CLICK and R2M: CLICK for their poses. 

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