Thursday, March 26, 2015

Paintings Sims3


10 Paintings to download: Budapest, London, Russia, Swan, Lotus Flower and mountains. Large, medium and small sizes.

There are 6 large pictures/paintings, 2 small and 2 medium size.
3 pictures ( Lotus flower, Swan and the mountains pictures taken last month at 2500 meters high belongs to me)
I put the price of each pictures next to the title.

7 pictures ( Russia, Hungary, England belong to Mr. Alain Janssoone.) You can visit his website by clicking below.

©Alain Janssoone: CLICK

I have used his pictures in my past for my work as a graphic designer, very pleased that Mr. Janssoone allowed me to use his pictures, now I also use them for my sims paintings.

Copyright/links/names are added for each paintings and can be seen in the buy mode for each paintings). More paintings will be added in my blog in the near future, thanks for downloading.

Furnitures for the previews are created by Jomsims. 

Budapest / 750

Saint Petersburg / 750

 London / 750

Lotus Flower - 3'900

Kiji / Russia / 3'900
Swan / 175

London/ 175

Preview below to see how the frames looks like.

Mountains / 750

London Bridge / 750

Lotus  / 750

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