Monday, March 9, 2015

Jade Taylor by Keyla

I used a skin made by Pralinesims, it's not included.
Link to download the skin (PS Pure Skin Natural): CLICK
After having downloaded you will see 2 skins, one is Default and one is Non Default, I downloaded both of them.

The hair aren't included. They are made by Kijiko.
The link to download the hair (Lily): CLICK

Included are the clothes, bracelet, shoes and the make up.
3 pairs of shoes are created by Altea127. They aren't seen well on the previews.
here the links to see how they look like: CLICK and CLICK and CLICK

The other 2 pairs of shoes are from the Base Game.

Everyday: The clothes are created by Altea127. (butterfly jeans, maglia primavera)
Formal: a dress created by Esyram. (Long sleeve mini dress)
Swimwear: created by Esyram. (Summer bikini top/bottom)
Sleepwear: lingerie created by Margeh75. (So close to me)
Athletic: created by Margeh75. (Juicy Outfit )
Outerwear: created by Margeh75. (Out and About Style)
Hand gloves from the Base Game.

The bracelet is created by Lorandia, link below.

Make up: Eye contact, Blush and Vinyl Gloss created by Margeh75, link below.

The background for my sim wearing the everyday clothes, is from Jennisims.
The background is called: Scene Happy Days.
Links below.

The poses are made by Noely and called: Sweetheart, link below.

Thank you to all artists for their beautiful creations.

Altea127: CLICK and CLICK 
Pralinesims: CLICK
Kijiko: CLICK
Esyram: CLICK and CLICK
Margeh75: CLICK and CLICK
Lorandia: CLICK
Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK
Noely: CLICK
Cmomoney @MTS/pose player: CLICK
Murano/screenshot backdrop: CLICK

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