Monday, March 9, 2015

Emerald by Keyla

Minimalist house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 
First floor 1 shower room. Open plan kitchen with a dining table, living room and a TV. Single bedroom.

Second floor, a double bed. Table with a laptop. And an ensuite. Terrace
with a fireplace (paella), also a BBQ grill and a table for 4.

Third floor: a table with a laptop and a terrace with a sofa and coffee table.

Forth floor: master bedroom. The master bedroom has the bathtub in the bedroom and an ensuite with a shower. Fireplace.

Garden, pool, a swing and an open garage for one car. 

Furnished without a plot: 139'376
Unfurnished: 65'077

The house was build with the Base Game and the red trees outside are from the EP World Adventures.

Thanks to all of you: Lulu265, Flovv, Jomsims, Ziggy28, Ung999, Matomibotaki, Devirose, Ladesire, Souris (Khany Sims Website).

Below the links:
Credits to
Lulu265 at TSR: CLICK
Flovv at TSR: CLICK
At TSR: CLICK and his website: CLICK
Matomibotaki: CLICK 
Ung999: CLICK
Devirose: CLICK
Ladesire: CLICK
Ziggy28 (paintings): CLICK
Souris (flowers): CLICK

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