Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TS4 Custom Content: Large Paintings

Clickable pictures

I used the painting called Superasymmetrie that you can find in the game and I made/meshed the painting larger with the 3D software Blender.
6 of them have a large size and one I kept the small size (London small). You can see below how they look in the game.
You can download them in RAR, I divided them in 3 parts.

Thank you to the photographers for having allowed me to use their pictures.

Pictures from ©Mimosa203 - CLICK

Pictures from ©Denny Bitte - CLICK
Pictures from ©Pete (Tvoom) - CLICK

©Denny Bitte
©Pete (Tvoom)

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  1. j'ai téléchargé ! j'aime beaucoup tes peintures