Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kara Thompson by Keyla


A young adult. Charismatic girl who likes pumpkin pie.

For this sim, I used a skin made by Pralinesim, it's not included, if you download without it, you will get the sim with EA skin color.

Here the link to download the skin: CLICK
After you saved the skin, you will see 2 skins to add in Mods/Package, I downloaded both skins.
In CAS you should have the skin already put like I did for my sim, if not see my screenshot below. I put the little triangle in the middle of the R letter.

Not included

1). The black dress Moschino cheap and chic outfit (evening dress/formal).
2). C. Lacroix heart earrings. 
3). The platform white shoes (for the everyday wear).

Those CC's are created by Art Sims (special blog Lady Gaga)

Links below to download them, all 3 CC's for Mods/Package file. 

Black dress and Heart earrings ( I didn't use the Sun glasses). 

Platform shoes called CVG Platform Shoes: 

Included CC's are

Both hair.

Hair for the evening/formal (long) are made by ButterflySims.

Everyday (short) hair made by ButterflySims but they are retextured by Jennisims.

Awesome eyes are made by Jennisims.

Eyebrows Magnolia made by Pralinesims.

The lipstick is made by Altea127.

The necklace is made by Pralinesims.

Everyday wear: 
The top is created by Pizazz.
The vintage pants are created by Metens. 
Nails, bracelet and the ring made by Lorandia.

For the evening dress the shoes are included, made by Altea127.
They aren't seen well on the preview above, CLICK to see how they look like.

Swimwear made by Metens - The shoes made by Altea127.

Pyjama made by Altea127 - the shoes also created by Altea127.

Sportwear Nike made by MartyP. (Shoes by EA)

The outdoor coat is made by Bukovka.
Purple boots made by Altea127.

The backround with the mushrooms is made by Jennisims. 
You can find other backrounds (called Scene Fairy Forest): CLICK 

I used the poses made by IMHO called Sorry.

Thank you to all artists for their beautiful creations.

Altea127: CLICK and CLICK 

Metens: CLICK

Jennisims: CLICK and CLICK

Bukovka: CLICK and CLICK


Pralinesims: CLICK and CLICK

Lorandia: CLICK 

Pizazz: CLICK

Art Sims: CLICK

ButterflySims: CLICK


Cmomoney @MTS/pose player: CLICK
Murano/screenshot backdrop: CLICK

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  1. Kara sieht wunderschön aus. Ich werde deinen neuen Blog und Babel Sims auch auf meinem Blog verlinken. Und Danke für deine lieben Kommentare auf meinem Blog. Darüber habe ich mich sehr gefreut ♥. Bis dann mal !